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*OPEN ME* I’m Boo, and I’d love to make you happy ;)
♡ Ask me how to retrieve private snap 🫶🏼
♡ I regularly respond to everyone (I personally respond)
♡ No paywalls (although it’d be fair if I happen to have filmed something extra exclusive such as my first creampie...we’ll see), many full-length videos, I'm sure you'll cum lots to my riding ones...Think I just go up and down? Think again.
♡ Solo play ( I have MANY different types of toys...anal included)
♡ Surprise free dms for current subs
♡ Audios, role-plays, known to be described as having raw and sexual energy/Girlfriend experience
♡ g/g, I go hella out lol. Find me scissoring, licking coochies, using a strap-on...etc.
♡ I try to remember everyone
♡ I value building a relationship with my community


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What’s your favourite cuddle position? I either like being the small spoon, plopping myself on your chest, or laying flat down with you on my back hehe…ugh I haven’t cuddled anyone this year, I’m a little sad 🥹 I need to be hugged. Also I’m almost ready to start recording more full-length videos!!

I actually recorded this 4-minute vid last week and was thinking of not posting it bc Idk if I like my face in it LOL! But I’m in a vulnerable mood right now to show you so here’s me aggressively fucking myself in my favourite position with the clear dildo hehe dirty talking too ;) Also my arm got sore but I came off camera 😂

So tired of looking sweet and innocent, here is night-time sultry Boo in her fishnets ;) Can you believe the switch in my mannerism sometimes? 😏 Felt so sexy in this, had to give you a little tease.

You think cobalt blue is my colour? ;) Showing the goodies off inside the changing room 😇

Type of outfit I like to wear at home hehe. Can’t go wrong with a soft sundress and ponytail. What’s your favourite photo? 😘

Hii, tonight I just feel like taking it easy and chitchatting in the dms if you’d like to shoot me a message 🥰 I know I’m still behind in some but msg me again anyway 😅 I also noticed that some unfamiliar faces are here so don’t be afraid to introduce yourselves 💗 I’ve been doing some self-care lately in order to recenter myself and so far so good. DarlingBoo is recharging ;) If you have suggestions for a twisted thriller/dystopian/alien movie, lemme know

If you’d like the full 9-minute video with @icanbeurnuocmami and @mankoprincess, just tip $12 under this post 💕 I’d say that Lucy did a phenomenal job eating me out (her first time) and Trixie assisting her from behind ;) They’re both so sexy and definitely ride on the same energy level as me hehe. I only do PPVs when it’s an exclusive video such as this since it’s rare to get all three of us together 😋

What you doing if you walk into the room and see all three of us spreading for you like this?

Your favourite three avengers ;) @mankoprincess @icanbeurnuocmami. These girls are truly some of my favourites, they’re absolute sweethearts 🥰

Out of curiosity, which turns you on more? ;) You’re lucky I do both 😏

You thought last night’s dm was wet? Look how juicy and plump my pussy got in the middle of the day today…I get horny so unexpectedly sometimes ;) You can see all the pussy juice and cream dripping down as I finger myself and spread it wide for you. I also show off my pussy squeezes hehe…I know this is gonna make you cum.

(Available to do) Tip me $10.00 and I’ll moan your name and say something sexy with it 🤫 [EDIT: raising the price to $10 after this post reaches $990] I’m feeling really fucking feisty ;)

If I did yours already, feel free to comment below to let everyone know how hot I made you 😘 EDIT: Been delivering audios every day, I’m getting there. You guys went crazy 😆

💧 Creamy waterfalls💧

♡ 10:00 ♡

Let me be your reverse cowgirl!! Backing that ass up for you baby ;) I don’t know if you’d be able to handle all this creamy delight...Enough to provide in your daily coffee for life tbh. I was so turned on that I couldn’t stop bouncing and grinding. There’s a part where all the cream just kept rushing out as I rode 😳 . Added in some booty movements. One skill that I’d like to gain is twerking 🙈...I still look cute though. Come over here Willy Wonka and take care of your creamy waterfall ;) Your factory is getting out of control and needs some maintenance 😌

After watching VR porn on my Oculus Quest 2, I ended up making the wettest, juiciest, longest and NASTIEST video of my pussy yet - just when you thought I couldn’t get any more grooly. This is actual gold omg lol I’m shocked. Idk if you could handle this. The juices just wouldn’t stop…and there were so many long grooly strings. I lick my panties at the end to make you jelly hehe

Slowly getting out of my comfort zone and showing some face along with pussy and ass…can’t believe I’m posting this tbh 😖 I do look good sucking on that dildo though 👀 If you want me to do more like this, show some love hehehe

eye contact / pussy / ass / tease / bedroom light

♡ 13:21 ♡ *Meooooww* can you handle this heat? 🔥 Congratulations team, you’ve unlocked this video!

Might be one of my favourite videos that I’ve ever made. I suggest that you watch this when you have some proper time for yourself…it’s a lot to handle. Kitty Boo went *wild* here with her pussy. From fingering that tight juicy little hole to giving you the best ride of your life, how can anyone else top this? (how do I even top myself after this? Lol) Not only that, but you can see how intense the lust in my eyes is here 👀 I want this to be one of your go-to videos. Imagine yourself unloading all that creamy goodness into me 😏 Let me know if you made it all the way through 🙊

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